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Yanasi YoYo is the culmination of a few goals; to create, to inspire, and to give back. My family has owned and operated a foundry and machine shop in Northeast Oklahoma for over three decades. I want to continue that legacy of production, while simultaneously giving back to the communities that inspired me.

A driving goal with Yanasi YoYo is to create something unique and to have the most positive impact possible. Charitable giving and community development are key principles of Yanasi, and are a motivation to every action taken. As we get closer to our first release, I'll begin outlining the charities I hope to work with, and the ways I plan to help the YoYo community grow in a positive way. 

Yanasi (ᏯᎾᏏ) is a Cherokee word for Bison, but the word Gadugi (ᎦᏚᎩ) is just as important to the brand. Gadugi is a word that represents an individual effort for a communal good. You'll see the word pop up occasionally as a reminder of the ways that small actions can leave lasting impacts.


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