Welcome Throwers!


My name is Lucas Pollet. Some of you might have seen me posting on some of the various skill toys groups on the internet. A few of you might have met me poking around at competitions over the past year. Most of you probably don't recognize me, and that's fine!

I started seriously getting into yoyoing a little under two years ago, after not having thrown one for over a decade. I started throwing again because I was looking for something to do with my hands in my downtime at the barbershop. Then, like a lot of throwers I've met, I kept with it because I found that the act of creating yoyo tricks and combos became almost meditative and actually started to help me with my anxiety. Now I can't imagine a day where I don't throw a yoyo at least once.

Over the past year I've wanted to take the next step from making tricks to making yoyos. My family has owned and operated a foundry and machine shop for over 30 years, so the idea of design and production wasn't that foreign to me. After working through some connections with over a half dozen shops, I've finally found a couple that feel capable of prototyping and producing a throw that would meet the expectations of the community. I've decided that now is the perfect time to start this blog so I can start memorializing the process. Hopefully you all find it interesting, and maybe you'll learn something as well!.

While I'm getting everything concrete down, there will be a few posts popping up here over the next few days. First will be an introduction to Yanasi YoYo; What the name means, and why it's important to me. Second will be a post about one of my favorite design elements on a yoyo, and why it's more than a gimmick. Last will be an overview of the process to here, and what problems and pitfalls I've come across to this point.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around!