Yanasi - Origins and Intent

Osiyo (ᎣᏏᏲ) and happy Indigenous Peoples Day! In honor of the day, I thought I’d do a little introduction to the Yanasi YoYo name and my intent in choosing it for my company.

There are a few reasons I chose Yanasi as the name for my YoYo Company. The primary reason is an effort to try and expand the awareness and understanding of Native American culture.


Review: Duncan HaymakerX

First, I need to give a little background before I dive into the review proper. During a family trip to Orlando early last December, Sean Perez told me that he had just spent a day doing a photo shoot for a new yoyo, and that I should get excited for a new Haymaker. I'd never thrown the previous version of the Haymaker, so I took his word for it and filed it away as something to look at down the road. When Duncan started releasing information about it the next month I was instantly intrigued, but again let it escape my mind that I was supposed to be excited about it.

First Coyote Prototype

It's here! I've been waiting for this day for months, and I finally have the Coyote Prototype in hand! I worked with five machine shops in the US and one in China before deciding who to use for production, and I'm happy to say these are American made! Check out the Coyote page for all of the details and a bit of a design journal.

But before you go, I just want to say I'm so happy with all the good words y'all have sent to me the past couple days. I'm excited to have the Coyote in hand, and I'm amazed at how excited everyone in the community has been for me. The comments and private messages have been a huge joy to receive, and I'll do my best to pay that happiness forward!