What's Next?

First, thanks to everyone that bought a Scissortail! I took a bit of a social media break over the winter but shipping out Scissortails was always a great reason to get out into the frozen north of Michigan. There are still some up on the shop, but if you see a colorway out of stock shoot me an email at Lucas@YanasiYoYo.com or message me on any of the social media accounts and let me know what you’re looking for! I will say, there are only a couple A-Grades left in Mossy River and Red Mare, so if you’ve been eyeing one of those you should snag it sooner rather than later.

Second, there are still a few Gadugi bundles left! These are fantastic bundles of various products donated by Lowkey Throws, Brian Melford, MonkeyFingeR Design, Joe Davies, and Zipline Strings, and every dollar of the purchase price goes to Crisis Text Line. I personally struggle with depression and anxiety, and the YoYoing community has lost a lot of amazing members to battles with mental health, so I’m so happy to be able to give even a little bit back to an organization that can save lives of those living with depression and anxiety.

Now for new business. The obvious next step for Yanasi YoYo is another throw, and the good news is I spent the entire winter drawing up plans for throws for the year! My goal for Yanasi is to have around 6 “lines” of YoYos active at any given time. This doesn’t necessarily mean annual revisions, but I’d love to have a YoYo for every primary shape and every style.

The throws below are my plan for the current line up. Obviously most of these will go through major changes until they’re released, so don’t take anything here as a promise. Instead think of these as the foundations of what I want to do with Yanasi.

The Coyote

Seen here in one of Joe Davies’ excellent Uno cases.

Seen here in one of Joe Davies’ excellent Uno cases.

The Coyote was my first prototype, and absolutely overly ambitious. I set it’s goal to push as much weight as possible in as small and agile of a package as possible. I went into it knowing it would require a few prototyping phases, and that has definitely proved to be the case. I got some great feedback at East Coast Masters last weekend, and I’m excited to continue pushing forward with it!

The Scissortail


I throw a Scissortail everyday. There have been weeks where it is the only thing I’ll throw. I love it, and I appreciate the hell out of the love everyone else has shown for it! I’m not planning any revisions for the Scissortail in the near future. I won’t say it’s perfect, but it’s exactly what I wanted it to be, and I want it to have some more time to stretch its wings before it goes through any changes.

The Bobcat

Bobcat v3.png

This is one of two new prototypes I’m working on right now, and I have two design goals in mind for the Bobcat. One is a specific aesthetic of a curvy, organic profile with an angular internal diameter. I want it to be comfortable in the hand, and really show it’s teeth in the cup. The second goal is a smaller overall size at around 54mm by 41mm without feeling like an undersized YoYo on the throw.

The Cougar


This one is special. The Cougar is a W-shaped wonder, looking to push as much power as we can in a monometal without going wildly big. The current plan is to turn them at our foundry and machine shop in Oklahoma, and license the use of OneDrop’s Side-Effect system. My family has produced parts for the 4-wheeler drag racing industry for decades, so this is a pretty big difference from the projects we usually tackle in house. We’re tooling up for it now, but it’ll probably be awhile until we start making chips on the Cougar because we have a few other major projects going through the shop as well.

The Jackrabbit

This one is ephemeral right now, but the ultimate goal is to be the perfect pocket throw. Balancing width against weight and coming out with an enjoyably playable pocket YoYo is tough, so I’m expecting this one to be going through a few revisions before it’s ready for release.

The Stag

This one also probably won’t be prototyped for awhile. The design goal with the Stag is to play and feel like a traditional V-Shape without feeling too stale. I’ve always felt that visually V-Shapes are innately bland with a nearly-straight line to the outermost part of the diameter, so the biggest goal is to make a throw that has that quintessential V-Shape play profile without having to rely on the colorways to make it visually interesting.

The Snipe

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Thanks for all of the support so far, it means a lot! I’m loving getting the chance to make some YoYos, and seeing them pop up online or hearing people say they enjoy them means a lot! I even recently had someone tell me wado in an email, and seeing people use Cherokee, even if it’s just one word, is absolutely amazing. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email or reach out on the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account!