Creation and Community

Yanasi YoYo has a few new pages, so I think that merits at least one new blog post!

Someone in the YoYo Facebook group had a fantastic idea, and I want to try and facilitate it. Some people really want to create content, but the idea of managing a web presence is an entirely different beast. Creating a website, formatting content for webview, and keeping up with the maintenance isn't something most people find enjoyable. Facebook and Reddit are frequently outlets for things like this, but it very quickly gets swept into the history of a timeline that grows too fast and is algorithmicly challenged.

It would be great to have somewhere that someone can create something like a review for their favorite yoyo without any expectation on the part of readers or viewers for ongoing content. Let the community fill the page while you go about your life until inspiration strikes again.

With that in mind, I created a Community section here at Yanasi YoYo. If you have some favorite pictures, reviews or musings, or videos or podcasts that you want to share then you can do so here. In an effort to keep this simple I'll do everything through email. If you have anything you want to submit then send it to with "Community Submission" in the subject line. I'll check it a few times a week, and edit and format whatever you submit for the site, and as long as it is somewhat family friendly and respectful, I'll post it for you to preview and confirm before it gets posted publicly in the community section.

I'd love to have a huge backlog of reviews to read. I also think it'd be amazing to have the occasional journal entry of people who enjoyed a competition, or pictures of everyone enjoying contests or clubs.

To get the ball rolling, I'll put a little joy out there. From now until May 31st, anyone who submits something new for the community will get an entry into a giveaway. Early June I'll choose 1 winner who will get a $25 gift card, and a care package of some string, bearings, stickers, and candy.

I'll try to keep the guidelines minimal, but check the overview page for tips on keeping things easy for everyone. Happy creating!