Community Overview


Building a community

Someone in the Facebook group had a great idea: Create somewhere that people who want to create the occasional review or video can centralize their content. Sometimes people want to make something, but writing a review and creating a website are two very different forms of creations. I love this idea and I'd love to use Yanasi YoYo as an avenue for it!

If you want to write a review, record a Podcast or video, or just submit a picture to the community then do it! Email me at with the subject line "Community Submission" and I'll put it up, and link back to whatever social media or website you want me to. And as always, there are no ads here. This is an outlet for creativity and a drive to build our community.

I'll edit or format whatever you send in to make it fit within my style guide for the site, but I'll let you have the final say before it goes up. I just ask that you keep it family friendly, and I will be staunchly disallowing any form of hateful language. I want this to be a positive addition to the community. That doesn't mean you can't be critical, it just means you need to be respectful.



Submit everything to Please only submit things that you are the owner or creator of.

  • Writing: Try to keep reviews or other writing over 200 words. Write enough to engage the reader, and if you can include pictures that's even better! In addition to reviews, any kind of summary of contests you've been too, or fun stories from clubs are great.
  • Photos: Make sure they're a decent quality and resolution. Basically any modern smartphone can take pictures that are perfectly fine.
  • Contests: If you want to submit a contest I don't have listed yet then please include the name, date, time, and location of the contest. If you can, include the name and contact of the organizer as well. If you have any tips on where to eat or stay then send those along too.
  • Clubs: If you know of an active club in your area then let me know! Give me some contact info for a prominent member or organizer and I'll try to get a post put up for them.